1944 Born in Hermannstadt / Transylvania
1966 Apprenticeship: History of Art and and the Art of Painting by Professor Florea
1969 Apprenticeship: Ornamental Painting by Klaus Schnabel
1969 2 National Awards
1972 Emigration to Germany

Artistic Work
Antique, restoration and painting in oil, tempera and with spatula techniques
Etchings and aquatint

Self Description
Gerd Messmann describes himself as an autodidact. Those who know his vita, understand that he lives for art and beauty since his youth.

Art and muse is apparently that what connects humans and peoples.
- G. Rischbeck
If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.
- Edward Hopper

Individual Exhibitions
1981 Museum; Dinkelsbühl, Germany
1981 Mayer; Starnberg, Germany
1984 Library; Gauting, Germany
1985 Rathaus-Museum; Weilheim, Germany
2006 Museum of History of Art; Ajud, Romania
2006 ICP, Integrationszentrum; Munich, Germany

Participant in international symposia
2002 Kendli-Major; Hungary
2003 Szabadkigyôs; Hungary
2004 Inter-Art; Ajud, Romania
2006 Maria Bistrica; Croatia
2006 European Artists; Germany
2006 Inter-Art; Ajud, Romania